Promoting the Globalization of Spiritual Knowledge

About Us

WHO WE ARE: We are dedicated to the expressive arts! To dancing the dream awake. What motivates a person to publish? What rises up and wells-out from the depths like Melville's White Whale billowing against Ahab's pride that seeks to strike forth and stomp it down? To “put on your jump-boots and stomp on the garbage clowns”?

Our personal (collective) first guess is that you have to have something to say. Write about what you know. Something to express. Some need to shine forth. Some passionate urge to do something--anything--to immanentize the eschaton of your personality. To let it all be so that you can fly free. The word "educate" means to “draw forth” or to “draw out” like Moses who was "drawn forth" from the River Nile (the name “Moses” literally means to draw forth) and Achilles drawn forth from the Styx; or the slave people drawn forth ultimately out of Egypt-town into a land of promise, a land flowing presumably with "milk and honey," a land all pilgrim’s pride saw in their inmost heart-of-hearts America might be (that natives say it was) or one day might become!

The folks (editors, artists, scholars, seekers, writers, designers, film-makers, musicians, teachers, educators, publicists, web-masters, archivists, & staff) here at page10publications (pXp) have all come together to work in groups for the general promotion of the betterment of all humanity founded upon a new and peculiar set of Core-Values that we believe is part of the eupsychian leaven that shall leaven the whole lump.

We are a not-for-profit public benefit educational service corporation based in Colorado in the Rocky Mountains of the United States of America. We provide multimedia services (and sometime consultation and educational workshops) for artists of every ilk and writers and actors (activists and authors) of every sort to get their works underway. We also act as print-broker for certain specially chosen alternative publishing trusts and houses. The editors, co-workers & staff all contribute on a voluntary foundation. We hope that the public we are able to serve (as well as you reading this personally) will both benefit and enjoy the New Experiential on-line BE-IN that is happening all around.
--The Editors and Staff, pXp.