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IF THERE IS A SUCH THING as the Science of the love of God did the ANCIENTS MASTER such a thing? Psychology, Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Cross-Cultural Investigation of Comparative Prophetic Imagery all coalesce and coincide in this rich presentation of Ancient beliefs of Ancient peoples understood as REDUX in contemporary times. Is there an outer-limit to human understanding? And if so what is it? Is there any arena of human experience and human endeavor impervious to scientific penetration? Where is the boundary for a full-blown expansion of consciousness beyond the margin? We include here in our science category The Celestial Magi that derives from a first taste of these type of existential and phenomenologically rooted explorations and expeditions beyond the outer margins of human experience and ultimate capacity. Other scientific and philosophical works and reports founded in the ontological validity of Exceptional Mental States and diversification of the Paradigms of the Unseen are planned to follow…

2012 & The Celestial Magi


The Celestial Magi & Universal Cycles of Time

Is humanity evolving into a higher state of compassionate existence? Will a new type of Civilization be established? Key factors coordinating Mayan Calendar Harmonics, Great Pyramid Prophecy, the Close of Biblical Aeons and current trends in World Events suggest a powerful harbinger for the spiritual transformation of the human race — for those with eyes to see and ears to hear!

Some of the exciting and informative topics addressed: Are the founders of progessive world civilizations part of an intergal world unfying spiritual plan? Did the Aztec short count predict the 9/11 terrorist attacks? Who are the "NINE LORDS OF TIME"? How will you survive the current time of transition?

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