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Divine Banner

Genealogy Chart

Divine Banner

This Banner shows that the founders of all the world religions are united in the same family; and that all of us are related to each other both spiritually and genealogically through the common ancestors depicted on this chart. This Banner is the common family tree of everyone one of us alive on planet earth today! This genealogy chart is in the most perfect form of a Human Being; as God is one, humanity is one, and the religions are united and in harmony in spirit and in truth. It is mathematically and geometrically designed and calibrated (accurate beyond the 10th decimal) to the Divine Proportion found all throughout the universe, spiral galaxies, spiral DNA, life-forms of nature and even within the very construction of our very own selves. This genealogy chart is for the healing of all nations. Everyone alive on planet earth today can trace their own personal lineage and identity on this chart back to at least one of these ancestors (the grandfathers and grandmothers) of all human kind. As a picture is worth a thousand words--this chart graphically and geometrically depicts the Oneness of Humanity and the indissoluble divine relationship between God and humanity in general, as well as the signs disclosed within each one of us human beings in particular.

The divine banner is 2 feet wide by 6 feet tall. The standard version is printed on waterproof and tearproof vinyl in full-color, with grommets in the corners that allow the banner to be hung on the wall. The high quality version is not waterproof or tearproof, but is printed on a photo quality indoor vinyl that is suitable for framing. Shipping cost is included and ships in 1-2 weeks.